Back in the Action.

Hi Guys and Girls.
The last nine months or so has been a bit of a blurr with training a new staff member here in the shop, and i have to Introduce Carrie to our readers, but we also hope to get carrie to do her own blog.She has turned out to be a very keen hunter and has already moved from a .22 rimfire rifle up to a .243 win centrefire package that has a sonic suppressor fitted to it.
She has bagged several goats and has put her first Fallow deer in the Frezer, so keep it up Carrie.

Changing the subjects slightly several of our local hunters have managed to reform the Central King Country Branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association and we have been up and running for about 18 months now , with Herb Blank as President, Carrie Peach as Secretary and I was roped in as Treasurer.
This group of enthusiastic individuals has been working hard in the community to try and raise awareness among the rest of the hunting fraturnity that there is now a local branch here in Taumarunui and what the program is for the next year.
Early in February 2013 we will be running a NZDA ( HUNTS )Hunters National Training Scheme course for new or inexperienced hunter to help them get more enjoyment from there hunting and to be safer out there.
For more info on these courses check out the NZDA web site , well worth the time and even older men or women like me can sure learn new skills as I did while doing the Instructors Training.
Well cheers for now I will be out and about more over the next few months so will keep you informed whats happening locally.

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