Web Site Upgrade.

This has been a long time in the pipeline but we have finally got there.

The last two and a bit years have been a bit of a nightmare really with regard to my families health , having 2 grandsons living with Gill and I for almost a year , as my oldest son was so unwell with a brain tumour.

I had both knees replaced 15 months ago and to say that was challenging is a slight understatement but progress has been pretty good and I am back outdoors doing the things I love now.

About twelve months ago my oldest son had to have surgery on the brain tumour as the specialist only gave him about 3 weeks to live, so that was a rushed trip to Wellington for his surgery and post op care. Then back to Wanganui rehab unit for him to try and learn to walk and use his right hand and arm again. That was followed by radiation and chemo at Palmerston North .At present he is doing ok, waiting for the next specialist appointment and scan.

In Late November 2014 my dear old Mum decided she was going to move into the local rest home and sell here house, so that has taken up a lot of my time getting all that organised. Two weeks ago she had a Hernia operation done privately that she had been waiting for over three years for in the public system. It got to the point it was making her life miserable and at 89 years you don’t need misery.

So going forward from here with Carries computer skills we plan to develop this web site further, and have some fun doing some really interesting things, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

Merry Christmas from Seriously Outdoors & Gills Gym

From both the teams at Gills Gym and Seriously Outdoors, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.


Seriously Outdoors December newsletter

Gills Gym December newsletter

Snapper win on the day.

Monday at 0430 hrs six Taumarunui based saltwater fishermen with high hopes head to the small west coast township of Kawhia to board the charter vessel the “Dove”.She slips away from the wharf at 0700 with a total of 14 fishermen on board and included in our team of six are Robert my Bro Farmer , Travis his son Horizons man,George who is Roberts Cousin and Farmer in training, Ross the beared farmer, and our Cobba Dick the farmer retired, who by the way is blind and me Ken the supplier of gear.
As we motor down the harbour,which is calm, we settle Dick into a secure possy on a seat near the stern and proceed to set up gear.As we round the last turn and line up the run towards the bar we have a swell running in against the tide that has been flowing out for 2 hrs and it looks as though the swell forecast was not quite right .

As we head into the standing waves the Skipper Dennis passes out the Life Jackets and we outfit Dick first and help 1 of the Hamilton boys who has not put one on before.After some cautious sailing we make it clear of the Bar and into open ocean, and oh crikey it is a washing machine.We are heading into a southwest swell with alot of cross chop.At this point I am thinking thank goodness I took my Paihia Bombs seasick pills this morning.

We finally anchor up at 57meter and we are into it .Robert and Ross are helping Dick and I am helping George .This is his first trip out off shore and he is using my spare rod.First drop he hooks a Kahawai about 10meters below the boat, same again 2nd drop , 3rd drop and after a short wait he’s into a snapper and Robert is hooked up also, both fish landed.I finally get a bait in the water and just trying to stay on your feet is going to be a real challenge,seconds later george is being sick overboard ,and with in 10 minutes 3 others join in.One or two more snapper have been landed then all goes quiet, apart from guys being sick.

Half an hour goes by then travis hooks a good fish and is battling away when the line goes light , so he carries on in and a barracota head that is gasping its last appears , cut into bits buy a big shark. This does not bode well for this location, so we move and this senario plays out 4 more times with me joining the list of sickies around 1130hrs , OH gosh it is going to be a long day.
By the end of day we managed 14 snapper 6 kahawai 5 gurnard and 1 sand shark for 14 fisherman.We have had better days in lots of ways, but it was a day off work spent with good mates and boy we were all glad to be back on dry land at 1700 hrs.

It is amazing that as soon as your feet hit the dock that sick feeling eases and I have to admit I was grateful for that .
My wife Gill and I really enjoyed the snapper pan fried the next night, and yes snapper does win out in the end.

Update re Facebook. ,

We have two pieces of news that you all need to know.
Firstly our monthly newsletter that is posted to or emailed to our loyal customers around the Central Plateau is now available for you to read on our web site, so please feel free to read this, it deals with a few different things that are happening around the shop each month.

Secondly we are now live on facebook @ www.facebook.com/seriouslyoutdoors and Carrie will be having quite a bit of input here.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Back in the Action.

Hi Guys and Girls.
The last nine months or so has been a bit of a blurr with training a new staff member here in the shop, and i have to Introduce Carrie to our readers, but we also hope to get carrie to do her own blog.She has turned out to be a very keen hunter and has already moved from a .22 rimfire rifle up to a .243 win centrefire package that has a sonic suppressor fitted to it.
She has bagged several goats and has put her first Fallow deer in the Frezer, so keep it up Carrie.

Changing the subjects slightly several of our local hunters have managed to reform the Central King Country Branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association and we have been up and running for about 18 months now , with Herb Blank as President, Carrie Peach as Secretary and I was roped in as Treasurer.
This group of enthusiastic individuals has been working hard in the community to try and raise awareness among the rest of the hunting fraturnity that there is now a local branch here in Taumarunui and what the program is for the next year.
Early in February 2013 we will be running a NZDA ( HUNTS )Hunters National Training Scheme course for new or inexperienced hunter to help them get more enjoyment from there hunting and to be safer out there.
For more info on these courses check out the NZDA web site , well worth the time and even older men or women like me can sure learn new skills as I did while doing the Instructors Training.
Well cheers for now I will be out and about more over the next few months so will keep you informed whats happening locally.

Fishing or Working?

As they say a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work- So when I was given the choice to work for the afternoon or go try my luck down at the river…well the choice was pretty easy- I was definately going fishing! Or maybe I should rephrase that and say I was definately going to take my rod for a walk. The sun was barely managing to push through the clouds and scattered showers were passing by along with a lazy wind…so all in all it was pretty darn cold. The river was still fairly high after the last lot of rain but was by all means clear enough for the fish to see those lovely bright spoons getting dragged through the water…or was it? It should have been but with countless casts and changes of lures and still not even a strike I came to the conclusion that the fish must have been too cold to eat! Well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it. So next time I venture out to the river I might have to wipe the cobwebs off my flyrod and give that a try again!

Browning X Bolt 7mm08.

Well it has finally happened , we have a Browning X Bolt 7mm08 for sale on behalf and this is in excellent condition.It is the stainless/synthetic model and has only fired 30 rounds and comes with 50 rounds of winchester supreme ballistic silvertip ammunition.This rifle has the crisp adjustable trigger and 60 degree bolt lift with tang safety and the 3 shot rotary clip in magazine. A once in a life time rifle Priced at $1899.00 including Rings.
In my opinion this is the Ultimate all round rifle and I guess I am slightly biased as I have the wood stocked blued version and have had a Dan Hardy Suppressor fitted to protect my dogs ears, and mine.
Well worth a look at this beauty.

June Update

Well the last few months from the end of January when Freda went on maternity leave to now are a bit of a blurr.Freda has decided to become a stay home Mum, so we have just recently appointed her replacement. Carrie will start with us on the 27th of June so hopefully after a training period I will be able to resume a more normal life.
I have on the odd sunday afternoon managed to sneek off for a walk around a few duck ponds with varying success, but have enjoyed being outdoors spending time with Ross my duck shooting buddie and Jaz my dog.
Most of the ducks we have found have been in pairs out in the wet paddocks or in swamps and drains , with only one pond holding a reasonable number of ducks but not regularly.

The Roar is almost upon us.

The roar is almost upon us with stags in prime condition and now with hard antler, they are breaking out of the stag mobs and staking out there territory.Each stag will be checking out the hinds in his patch and marking up his Territory. This pretty much applies to all species with the sika very Territorial but they will only roar when a hind is cycling in his patch. Reds will usually roar at any thing and the universal game caller is now a great tool to have on your side when it comes to setting an ambush for those very cautious stags.

You can set the caller up 15 to 20 meters away on the edge of a clearing then hide away in the scrub and operate the caller using the remote.This will bring you some interesting sights and results as long as you set up with the wind in the right place.

So far none of the locals have heard a good solid roar but I am pretty sure that wont be far away especially if we get some cooler weather in the next few days.

So good luck to all and please wear blaze orange gear out there and ” Be Safe Be Seen”
Cheer Ken.

Special Paradise Duckshoot.

Message to all Duckshooters. The Fish and Game Special paradise shellduck shoot is scheduled to take place on the 5th and 6th of March 2011 in the southern king country.
The limit per hunter per day is 7 birds as per last year.
We will have the permits in store very soon so just bring in your 2010 gamebird licence and we will sort out your permit.

We also have steel and lead shotgun shells, Parry silhouettes, and camo gear including face masks and gloves.

We are the local stockist for the Universal Game Caller with the hand held remote and plug in sound cards. There is also a 6watt amplified speaker that will blow your socks off, so get out and hone those shotgun skills before the 5th of march.
If you want any info on the game caller or the new sound cards send us an email.

Freshwater fishing Competition

Seriously Outdoors and Vetent Taumarunui are the major sponsors for the Manunui Club Inc 2011 Freshwater Fishing Competition which will be held on the 26th and 27th of February 2011.
Entry fee is $15.00 Per Angler 3 Anglers per team. Entry forms from the Manunui Club.Phone 07 895 8694.
Prizes for the Heaviest fish and best condition plus spot prizes to be won.
Win a prize by weighing in the biggest catfish.!!!!

Weigh ins are between 4 and 5 Pm saturday at the Pukawa boat ramp (bbq provided) and Sunday at the Manunui Club.
For any further Information contact Rex Pierce Ph 07 896 8817.

This competition is a lot of fun and the whole family can enter, so get out there and have a go.

Trout action on central Plateau

Well the New Year long weekend has been and gone with two trips to trout water.
Firstly on sunday afternoon my mate Lonny and I spent about 5 hours on the Whanganui well up from piriaka. Must have walked about 9 kilometers and checked out some great water.Lonny and Andy had fished most of this water a couple of days before and caught and released 6 good fish over the 3lb mark but on that day I was only able to tempt 1 brown jack fish of 3.25 lb to take a lure, but I will return with a fly rod to take on some great water and hopefully a few more fiesty trout that the Whanganui is renouned for.

On monday morning I made a trip over the hill to the Kuratau Hydro lake with my fishing Kayak. I have to say that for 2 and 1/2 hours I had a ball . The Trout activity was full on ,trout rising within 2 to 3 meters from the kayak at times with several small fish caught and released and a couple of larger fish lost , 1 of them to a flying leap that a high diver would have been proud of.
It was the most fun I have had fishing in a long time and I really enjoy the peace and quiet.I shall return ASAP for more of the same.

Tent sale on untill 9 January 2011

As we are a Kiwi Camping Centre, we are at present having a sale on certain models of Tents that are part of the Mad Summer Savings Promotion from Kiwi Camping , and for good Measure we have put in some of the Adventure tents to suit our local customers , so swing by and check out the deals.
We are open until 7.30pm on friday nights and from 9am to 3 pm on saturdays.

Whanganui River Ups and Downs.

Well over the last month or so we went from having drought conditions early in the month and then rain finally arriving ,mainly due to the farmers prayers. In the last 2 weeks we have had some fine weather with some days of very heavy rain so the river flows certainly have been up and down , ranging from 19 cumecs to over 339 cumecs .
Fortunately the Whanganui goes down almost as fast as it rises and clears in two to three days so the trout fishing has not been interrupted to much .
When the river is fishable it has been fishing well with good numbers of both brown and rainbow trout now resident in there summer pools.
If you are new to this river it is well worth checking out the water from Victory Bridge at the back of town to the manunui camping ground.
With the New year break almost upon us I intend to spend a day or two on the water and I will keep you posted.

Small game hunting

The last few weeks of fine weather have caused a minor explosion in the Rabbit populations here in the King Country.All the pumic country seems to have survived the late wet winter and now the population is booming.
Freda and Jaz and I have spent a couple of evenings on a friends property to the south west of town with 24 the first night and 21 the second night.I must say this is good steady work for my dog Jaz Pointing and Retrieving these sorts of numbers in an evening, and it is reinforcing all her command work and here stand and point is really coming to the fore.
As I have got older like a lot of guys particularly , my close vision has deteriorated so using my dear old dads winchester single shot target rifle with a rear apiture sight has become difficult especially when I am tired.
So I have invested in a Norinco EM332 bolt action .22lr rifle and fitted a bushnell banner 3-9 x 40 scope to it and a bipod, you may say a bit of an over kill for a norinco and small game, but I do say that this model norinco is a little cracker , shooting a 3 shot group in side a 10mm ring at 50 meters.
The 3-9 x 40 scope now allows me to head shoot rabbits 75 to 100 meters out into the large flat paddocks that we have been hunting, and I have to admit that it has been a while since I have been able to see well enough to do that.
Small game hunting has always been something that I have enjoyed and it is a great way to hone your skills and keep the dog up there too,so dont overlook those oportunities in between those deer trips.

Working at Seriously Outdoors

I was locally born and raised with a farming and hunting background, still enjoying as much time as I can on the farm. A love of the outdoors led me to Seriously Outdoor four and a half years ago.

At Seriously Outdoors we specialise in hunting, fishing and camping as well as local sporting needs.

Since working with the owner- Ken McCann, I have learnt a vast amount of knowledge through his experience in outdoor activities especially hunting and fishing – of which we both thoroughly enjoy.

From buying a rifle to shooting my first deer and teaching me to fly fish, Ken has helped me with all these, and that?s what we at Seriously Outdoors try to do with our customers from fitting out hunters with correct clothing and hunting equipment to passing on information about the river conditions.

We always enjoy having a catch up about the one that got away or that putt that didn?t go down.
As a women working in a predominately male environment I hope by example I can help break down the gender barriers and encourage other women to have a go at something they really love doing.

Spring fishing Update.

Following on from a very wet winter the weather here in the king country has been magnificent over the last 3 weeks, so the rivers locally have dropped to a good fishable level and we are still getting some snow melt water from Mt Ruapehu, which makes for great fishing.

The Whanganui , Whakapapa, Ongarue , Taringamotu and the streams around Waimiha are all fishing very well, with good numbers of Rainbow and Brown trout in all rivers, Unfortunately the Retaruke river has suffered from another major slip into the headwaters and this has coated the bed with thick grey silt , which has effectively driven all but a few trout back down to the Whanganui.
This slip looks like it will be ongoing for some time and is also affecting the Blue Duck population.

Our Mate Lonny has been out and about quite a bit with some good catches lately ,and 1 or 2 taken for a meal.
Lonny and I had a fish last sunday and I managed to land a 4.5 Lb Rainbow jack in some quite fast water , took a photo and released him to fight another day.
Well tight lines to one and all and remember to fish that water under your feet first.

Salmon arrive at Piriaka.

Salmon arrive at Piriaka.
We have had a fair dumping of rain in the last week or two with the flow above Piriaka peaking at around 120 cumecs but fortunately dropping almost as fast as it rose, and we are back to 25 cumecs as i write this with clearing water that is fishable.

Our mate Lonny has been on the river in the last two days with some success in the reaches above Piriaka,and he reports the water is certainly cold.

On the 28th of may I wrote about Salmon being caught in Wanganui , well guess what , they arrived up here in the last 4 days with 3 fish caught around the Piriaka area, Unfortunately I don’t have any details of size or condition but we have heard this from 4 different fishermen so I am pretty sure it is fact.
When you think about how far these salmon have to swim it is a miracle that they make the journey and survive to spawn.

To all those who fish the Whanganuni over winter dont forget that from the 1st july the head waters are closed to the 1st october.The upper fishing limit is the junction with the Whakapapa, and it also closes for winter.

The caddis type patterns are good on the fly rod at present, and spinning any thing with red is good , and I believe 1 of the Salmon was caught on a 10 gm traffic light toby , so that blows the silver spinner theory out of the water.
So good luck and tight lines to you ALL.

Rain brings ducks back to ponds.

Well duck shooting is well under way, but on opening day alot of the farm ponds were almost dry so the guys who had a good pond with fresh water did ok and those who stalked the rivers would have seen alot of ducks.As to how many were shot that is always a question.

Ducks are usually pretty wary on rivers and you certaily have to pick your spot to shoot or the poor dog can have a long swim,especially on the Whanganui.

I did hear of a young dog that was retrieving on a river and after several good retrieves ,the next bird that was shoot landed on the other bank , the dog was sent and headed across the river .It located the bird then proceeded to dig a hole and bury the bird .No amount of sweet talking could pursuade the dog to change her mind, and she finally came back to have a sleep when the job was done.

The rain over the last week or so has freshened up ponds and dams and water is starting to settle in the middle of padocks so the ducks are enjoying the fresh water and food it has brought with it.

This season I invested in a neoprene dog vest for my dog Jaz and she certainly keeps warmer with it on. It took her a day to get use to wearing it, as it was different to the blaze vest I made for her for deer stalk in.
I feel it is important to care for your dog if you want your hunting companion to perform to the best of their ability.

Good luck for the rest of the duck season and we will be looking for a pheasant or two also.

Trout Spawning run under way.

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks our local fishing buddies have been having a ball with a lot of large fish that have started to move upstream for thier annual spawing run, the browns were ahead of the rainbows but there is a good mix of both,and they are in good condition.

The largest fish I have heard of recently was a 9 pound rainbow jack caught above Piriaka. In the last few days we have had some steady rain that caused the river to rise from 19cumecs to around 120 cumecs, but it is almost back down to 20 cumecs as I write this blog, so that fresh will have helped fish move further up .

Today I had an eldery gentleman from Wanganui in the shop , he lives about 4 miles up river from the city and he informed me that he had caught 3 large fish in his mullet net about a week ago. A friend of his told him they were Salmon, and how he described the fish it sure sounds right.

It will be intersting to see if any local anglers see or catch any further fish.
I do wonder how long it would take a fish to swim from Wanganui to Kakahi, where the Original release took place in 1921.
That is an epic journey for a fish especially when it stops eating when entering fresh water, but the fish that have been caught in the past in our area have certainly had plenty of fight left in them.
Get out the silver zed spinners and target the bigger pools.You never know what might turnup.
Good Luck to you all and remember to keep that tip up.
Cheers Ken.