Kurarau Krusher weekend ,

Well it is Friday evening and a busy weekend ahead for a lot of locals and visitors.The 12th multi sport event known as the Kururau Krusher will start in the main street at 0800 hrs .The first leg is a 44 km cycle ride down river road and back then a 16 km run along the banks of the Whanganui river to Manununi and back then the 3rd leg is 22km kayak paddle down the Whanganui river to the Otunui landing then to finish a gut busting 26 km mountain bike ride back up and over the Kururau Range the lies to the west of Taumarunui,to finish at cherry grove.Good Luck to everyone that has entered and to all the organisers,marshalls and support crewshave a great weekend.

We are privaliged to be the sponsor of the major spot prize in the form of a $1500 camping package, which we draw out of the hat so any entrant can win,so good luck for that .

Changing the subject slightly ,but staying with the Whanganui river I decided to take a couple of hours off on thursday afternoon and popped out to Mahoe Road to test the water after we have had alot of visitors fishing in that area lately.
As I left the van and headed towards the river I met an out of town fishing Guide heading back to his vehicle with two elderly anglers.
We exchanged greating and they informed me that they had fished quite a bit of the water that I thought that I would fish and they had only caught and released a few small fish and they felt no larger fish were resident there.

They wished me well and left me pondering weather to carry on as planned ,oh blow it may as well ,see if the local boy can find a fish.
They had been up stream nymphing so I will change to swinging a nymph or two downstream to try and enspire a hit.Shortly after I started in the first stretch I had a touch but no hook up so carried on down stream to the papa bluff but no results there so moved down to the long straight, and waided to the middle and fished each side while moving down .I caught and released 2 small fish then it started to rain so I decided to call it a day and head back to the van.Before I reached the van it stopped raining so I headed to the first spot and tied on 2 tungsten bead flies of my own patterns. Second cast a small fish landed and released ,fourth cast wack a 3lb rainbow hen that tore off down stream , finally netted and released , sixth cast another rainbow hen 3.25 lb same result , so trying a different method using heavier flies can motivate fish that would have already seen flies that same day.