Kawhia Charter Trip

Well folks we are just into March and the evenings are cooling down and the sun is not rising all that early.On Sunday the 28th of February a group fo us took a wee journey out from Kawhia on the charter boat the Dove.

It was to be an eventful day with my Bro and best mate Robert Carter picking me up at 0430 and we stepped onto the Dove at 0635hrs , all aboard with our mates from Hamilton. We set off down the harbour and were getting close to the mouth when the skipper ,Dennis had a phone call alerting us to the likelyhood of a small Tsunami arriving mid morning from the earthquake in Chile.

We all had a quick discussion and decided to press on as they were forecasting a wave of less than 0,5 of a meter so we felt that it wouldn’t pose a major threat to us if we were fishing in at least 20 meters.

Well we crossed the bar and set off to the 40 meter spot Dennis had caught fish a day or so before.We dul;y arrived anchored and all we caught for an hour or so was Dog fish and spiney dogs ,so up anchor and move to just south of albatross point.

Within a few minutes we had a couple of gurnard a couple of snapper and more dog fish.Every body had got sick and tired of the dog fish tangles so after an hour of being patient the skipper said we would move south just past the Iron sands Bouy.

We set off heading south went past a moored boat and then realised that there was a strip of water about 300 meters wide on the starboard side that was alive with surface feeding fish .There were meat balls welling up that were 20 to 30 meters across ,fish everywhere ,and we kept on heading south and more and more activity.
The work up I think was probably about 1.5 kilometers long and we arrived at spot X on the south end of it inside the bouy about 3 kms off shore.

I have never seen such an eager bunch of fishermen and women to get their lines in the water, and as soon as we had settled at anchor we were into ot .Kahawai were all around the boat feeding on what appeared to be shoals of white bait with the occasional skippy motoring through .Kahawai and snapper were coming up onto the deck thick and fast, with one of the biggest horse kahawai landed that I have ever seen. Lots of good size pan snapper ,then Hello Richard has a fish on that is heading of towards the beach so he moves to the back of the boat.

After one and a half laps of the boat and Robert and I offering advice and encouragement a white flash is spotted under the boat, then a yellow tail ,yes where is the big net ,and after a couple of attempts the king fish is on the deck with a very happy Richard posing for a photo.

So we all get back to the business in hand to catching snapper, with some of us using stips of fresh kahawai,and after another snapper I get two good wack bites and a hookup.The rod is bent more than a right angle with the fish trying to run under the boat.Drag is tightened and I start to fight back good snapper nods or so I think ,I am slowly getting line back ,no Im not , three or four good runs and I am pumping the rod up and a white flash from under the boat.
Yes another yellow tail ,Robert grabs the net and we have another king fish on Board. My fish was not as big as Richards but still was a joy to fight and land.We caught a couple of snapper to fill our quota and that was it for the day.

No sign of the Tsunami or at least that we could tell but a great day off the west coast.

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