Rain brings ducks back to ponds.

Well duck shooting is well under way, but on opening day alot of the farm ponds were almost dry so the guys who had a good pond with fresh water did ok and those who stalked the rivers would have seen alot of ducks.As to how many were shot that is always a question.

Ducks are usually pretty wary on rivers and you certaily have to pick your spot to shoot or the poor dog can have a long swim,especially on the Whanganui.

I did hear of a young dog that was retrieving on a river and after several good retrieves ,the next bird that was shoot landed on the other bank , the dog was sent and headed across the river .It located the bird then proceeded to dig a hole and bury the bird .No amount of sweet talking could pursuade the dog to change her mind, and she finally came back to have a sleep when the job was done.

The rain over the last week or so has freshened up ponds and dams and water is starting to settle in the middle of padocks so the ducks are enjoying the fresh water and food it has brought with it.

This season I invested in a neoprene dog vest for my dog Jaz and she certainly keeps warmer with it on. It took her a day to get use to wearing it, as it was different to the blaze vest I made for her for deer stalk in.
I feel it is important to care for your dog if you want your hunting companion to perform to the best of their ability.

Good luck for the rest of the duck season and we will be looking for a pheasant or two also.

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