Salmon arrive at Piriaka.

Salmon arrive at Piriaka.
We have had a fair dumping of rain in the last week or two with the flow above Piriaka peaking at around 120 cumecs but fortunately dropping almost as fast as it rose, and we are back to 25 cumecs as i write this with clearing water that is fishable.

Our mate Lonny has been on the river in the last two days with some success in the reaches above Piriaka,and he reports the water is certainly cold.

On the 28th of may I wrote about Salmon being caught in Wanganui , well guess what , they arrived up here in the last 4 days with 3 fish caught around the Piriaka area, Unfortunately I don’t have any details of size or condition but we have heard this from 4 different fishermen so I am pretty sure it is fact.
When you think about how far these salmon have to swim it is a miracle that they make the journey and survive to spawn.

To all those who fish the Whanganuni over winter dont forget that from the 1st july the head waters are closed to the 1st october.The upper fishing limit is the junction with the Whakapapa, and it also closes for winter.

The caddis type patterns are good on the fly rod at present, and spinning any thing with red is good , and I believe 1 of the Salmon was caught on a 10 gm traffic light toby , so that blows the silver spinner theory out of the water.
So good luck and tight lines to you ALL.

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