Spring Fishing Up Date , ,

Welcome to the King Country once again for an update on spring fishing conditions.

The Whanganui river over the last week has been very coloured and flows have been up in the 165 cumec range and just as they start to receed we get more rain, so fishing has been very limited. We must remember it is spring and that is quite normal for us.

It certainly is making the grass grow and that will be good for farmers, and the hunters who make the effort on a fine evening to get out and check those bush edges and clearings.

Pigs appear to be out and about from the reports we are getting,and making a mess in those soft paddocks.

Changing tack slightly, reports from the West Coast are varied with the surf casters having to contend with big shoreline swells and dirty water, while the charter boats are starting to report the larger snapper are arriving with good numbers of gurnard and kahawai in attendance also.

So good luck to one and all who venture out to do their thing.

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