Freshwater fishing Competition

Seriously Outdoors and Vetent Taumarunui are the major sponsors for the Manunui Club Inc 2011 Freshwater Fishing Competition which will be held on the 26th and 27th of February 2011.
Entry fee is $15.00 Per Angler 3 Anglers per team. Entry forms from the Manunui Club.Phone 07 895 8694.
Prizes for the Heaviest fish and best condition plus spot prizes to be won.
Win a prize by weighing in the biggest catfish.!!!!

Weigh ins are between 4 and 5 Pm saturday at the Pukawa boat ramp (bbq provided) and Sunday at the Manunui Club.
For any further Information contact Rex Pierce Ph 07 896 8817.

This competition is a lot of fun and the whole family can enter, so get out there and have a go.

Trout action on central Plateau

Well the New Year long weekend has been and gone with two trips to trout water.
Firstly on sunday afternoon my mate Lonny and I spent about 5 hours on the Whanganui well up from piriaka. Must have walked about 9 kilometers and checked out some great water.Lonny and Andy had fished most of this water a couple of days before and caught and released 6 good fish over the 3lb mark but on that day I was only able to tempt 1 brown jack fish of 3.25 lb to take a lure, but I will return with a fly rod to take on some great water and hopefully a few more fiesty trout that the Whanganui is renouned for.

On monday morning I made a trip over the hill to the Kuratau Hydro lake with my fishing Kayak. I have to say that for 2 and 1/2 hours I had a ball . The Trout activity was full on ,trout rising within 2 to 3 meters from the kayak at times with several small fish caught and released and a couple of larger fish lost , 1 of them to a flying leap that a high diver would have been proud of.
It was the most fun I have had fishing in a long time and I really enjoy the peace and quiet.I shall return ASAP for more of the same.

Whanganui River Ups and Downs.

Well over the last month or so we went from having drought conditions early in the month and then rain finally arriving ,mainly due to the farmers prayers. In the last 2 weeks we have had some fine weather with some days of very heavy rain so the river flows certainly have been up and down , ranging from 19 cumecs to over 339 cumecs .
Fortunately the Whanganui goes down almost as fast as it rises and clears in two to three days so the trout fishing has not been interrupted to much .
When the river is fishable it has been fishing well with good numbers of both brown and rainbow trout now resident in there summer pools.
If you are new to this river it is well worth checking out the water from Victory Bridge at the back of town to the manunui camping ground.
With the New year break almost upon us I intend to spend a day or two on the water and I will keep you posted.

Spring fishing Update.

Following on from a very wet winter the weather here in the king country has been magnificent over the last 3 weeks, so the rivers locally have dropped to a good fishable level and we are still getting some snow melt water from Mt Ruapehu, which makes for great fishing.

The Whanganui , Whakapapa, Ongarue , Taringamotu and the streams around Waimiha are all fishing very well, with good numbers of Rainbow and Brown trout in all rivers, Unfortunately the Retaruke river has suffered from another major slip into the headwaters and this has coated the bed with thick grey silt , which has effectively driven all but a few trout back down to the Whanganui.
This slip looks like it will be ongoing for some time and is also affecting the Blue Duck population.

Our Mate Lonny has been out and about quite a bit with some good catches lately ,and 1 or 2 taken for a meal.
Lonny and I had a fish last sunday and I managed to land a 4.5 Lb Rainbow jack in some quite fast water , took a photo and released him to fight another day.
Well tight lines to one and all and remember to fish that water under your feet first.

Trout Spawning run under way.

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks our local fishing buddies have been having a ball with a lot of large fish that have started to move upstream for thier annual spawing run, the browns were ahead of the rainbows but there is a good mix of both,and they are in good condition.

The largest fish I have heard of recently was a 9 pound rainbow jack caught above Piriaka. In the last few days we have had some steady rain that caused the river to rise from 19cumecs to around 120 cumecs, but it is almost back down to 20 cumecs as I write this blog, so that fresh will have helped fish move further up .

Today I had an eldery gentleman from Wanganui in the shop , he lives about 4 miles up river from the city and he informed me that he had caught 3 large fish in his mullet net about a week ago. A friend of his told him they were Salmon, and how he described the fish it sure sounds right.

It will be intersting to see if any local anglers see or catch any further fish.
I do wonder how long it would take a fish to swim from Wanganui to Kakahi, where the Original release took place in 1921.
That is an epic journey for a fish especially when it stops eating when entering fresh water, but the fish that have been caught in the past in our area have certainly had plenty of fight left in them.
Get out the silver zed spinners and target the bigger pools.You never know what might turnup.
Good Luck to you all and remember to keep that tip up.
Cheers Ken.

Kurarau Krusher weekend ,

Well it is Friday evening and a busy weekend ahead for a lot of locals and visitors.The 12th multi sport event known as the Kururau Krusher will start in the main street at 0800 hrs .The first leg is a 44 km cycle ride down river road and back then a 16 km run along the banks of the Whanganui river to Manununi and back then the 3rd leg is 22km kayak paddle down the Whanganui river to the Otunui landing then to finish a gut busting 26 km mountain bike ride back up and over the Kururau Range the lies to the west of Taumarunui,to finish at cherry grove.Good Luck to everyone that has entered and to all the organisers,marshalls and support crewshave a great weekend.

We are privaliged to be the sponsor of the major spot prize in the form of a $1500 camping package, which we draw out of the hat so any entrant can win,so good luck for that .

Changing the subject slightly ,but staying with the Whanganui river I decided to take a couple of hours off on thursday afternoon and popped out to Mahoe Road to test the water after we have had alot of visitors fishing in that area lately.
As I left the van and headed towards the river I met an out of town fishing Guide heading back to his vehicle with two elderly anglers.
We exchanged greating and they informed me that they had fished quite a bit of the water that I thought that I would fish and they had only caught and released a few small fish and they felt no larger fish were resident there.

They wished me well and left me pondering weather to carry on as planned ,oh blow it may as well ,see if the local boy can find a fish.
They had been up stream nymphing so I will change to swinging a nymph or two downstream to try and enspire a hit.Shortly after I started in the first stretch I had a touch but no hook up so carried on down stream to the papa bluff but no results there so moved down to the long straight, and waided to the middle and fished each side while moving down .I caught and released 2 small fish then it started to rain so I decided to call it a day and head back to the van.Before I reached the van it stopped raining so I headed to the first spot and tied on 2 tungsten bead flies of my own patterns. Second cast a small fish landed and released ,fourth cast wack a 3lb rainbow hen that tore off down stream , finally netted and released , sixth cast another rainbow hen 3.25 lb same result , so trying a different method using heavier flies can motivate fish that would have already seen flies that same day.

Visitors having a ball in the Whanganui.

During the last week we have been hosting a group of French fly fishermen in Taumarunui .They have been staying at the Holiday park with Dean Russell,and spending almost from daylight to dark on the river.
They all practice catch and release, and by the smiles on there faces have been having a ball with there largest fish measuring 595mm in length,which was obviously much larger than that angler had ever caught before.
The Whanganui water has warmed up slightly so morning and evening are proving more productive with fast oxogenated water the places to target.Cicadas are enjoying this fine spell, so well worth drifting 1 under those over hanging willows.
Tight lines to all .

Whanganui River fishing well.

Well the weather certainly has heated up in the King Country over the last week or so and we have not had all the rain that has been forecast, but a front dropped enough water in the Whanganui headwaters to cause a small spike in the flow and colour up for a day or so.The fishery is in good condition and the fish are active,so get out and enjoy when possible.

During this week we had a German fisherman call in for advice and we helped him out even though communication was a slight problem.
Later in the week he arrived back in the shop escorted by a local canoe guide who was quite young ,17 years at a guess,and this young chap was trying to tell us how good he was,and it occured to me good fishermen are generally quite people who have 2 ears and 2 eyes and use those senses to the max and generally use their mouth very little.

I do hope that particular young gentleman learns that lesson soon or he will annoy alot of his clients, to his companies detriment.

Spring Fishing Up Date , ,

Welcome to the King Country once again for an update on spring fishing conditions.

The Whanganui river over the last week has been very coloured and flows have been up in the 165 cumec range and just as they start to receed we get more rain, so fishing has been very limited. We must remember it is spring and that is quite normal for us.

It certainly is making the grass grow and that will be good for farmers, and the hunters who make the effort on a fine evening to get out and check those bush edges and clearings.

Pigs appear to be out and about from the reports we are getting,and making a mess in those soft paddocks.

Changing tack slightly, reports from the West Coast are varied with the surf casters having to contend with big shoreline swells and dirty water, while the charter boats are starting to report the larger snapper are arriving with good numbers of gurnard and kahawai in attendance also.

So good luck to one and all who venture out to do their thing.