The Roar is almost upon us.

The roar is almost upon us with stags in prime condition and now with hard antler, they are breaking out of the stag mobs and staking out there territory.Each stag will be checking out the hinds in his patch and marking up his Territory. This pretty much applies to all species with the sika very Territorial but they will only roar when a hind is cycling in his patch. Reds will usually roar at any thing and the universal game caller is now a great tool to have on your side when it comes to setting an ambush for those very cautious stags.

You can set the caller up 15 to 20 meters away on the edge of a clearing then hide away in the scrub and operate the caller using the remote.This will bring you some interesting sights and results as long as you set up with the wind in the right place.

So far none of the locals have heard a good solid roar but I am pretty sure that wont be far away especially if we get some cooler weather in the next few days.

So good luck to all and please wear blaze orange gear out there and ” Be Safe Be Seen”
Cheer Ken.

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