Trout action on central Plateau

Well the New Year long weekend has been and gone with two trips to trout water.
Firstly on sunday afternoon my mate Lonny and I spent about 5 hours on the Whanganui well up from piriaka. Must have walked about 9 kilometers and checked out some great water.Lonny and Andy had fished most of this water a couple of days before and caught and released 6 good fish over the 3lb mark but on that day I was only able to tempt 1 brown jack fish of 3.25 lb to take a lure, but I will return with a fly rod to take on some great water and hopefully a few more fiesty trout that the Whanganui is renouned for.

On monday morning I made a trip over the hill to the Kuratau Hydro lake with my fishing Kayak. I have to say that for 2 and 1/2 hours I had a ball . The Trout activity was full on ,trout rising within 2 to 3 meters from the kayak at times with several small fish caught and released and a couple of larger fish lost , 1 of them to a flying leap that a high diver would have been proud of.
It was the most fun I have had fishing in a long time and I really enjoy the peace and quiet.I shall return ASAP for more of the same.

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