Trout Spawning run under way.

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks our local fishing buddies have been having a ball with a lot of large fish that have started to move upstream for thier annual spawing run, the browns were ahead of the rainbows but there is a good mix of both,and they are in good condition.

The largest fish I have heard of recently was a 9 pound rainbow jack caught above Piriaka. In the last few days we have had some steady rain that caused the river to rise from 19cumecs to around 120 cumecs, but it is almost back down to 20 cumecs as I write this blog, so that fresh will have helped fish move further up .

Today I had an eldery gentleman from Wanganui in the shop , he lives about 4 miles up river from the city and he informed me that he had caught 3 large fish in his mullet net about a week ago. A friend of his told him they were Salmon, and how he described the fish it sure sounds right.

It will be intersting to see if any local anglers see or catch any further fish.
I do wonder how long it would take a fish to swim from Wanganui to Kakahi, where the Original release took place in 1921.
That is an epic journey for a fish especially when it stops eating when entering fresh water, but the fish that have been caught in the past in our area have certainly had plenty of fight left in them.
Get out the silver zed spinners and target the bigger pools.You never know what might turnup.
Good Luck to you all and remember to keep that tip up.
Cheers Ken.

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