Web Site Upgrade.

This has been a long time in the pipeline but we have finally got there.

The last two and a bit years have been a bit of a nightmare really with regard to my families health , having 2 grandsons living with Gill and I for almost a year , as my oldest son was so unwell with a brain tumour.

I had both knees replaced 15 months ago and to say that was challenging is a slight understatement but progress has been pretty good and I am back outdoors doing the things I love now.

About twelve months ago my oldest son had to have surgery on the brain tumour as the specialist only gave him about 3 weeks to live, so that was a rushed trip to Wellington for his surgery and post op care. Then back to Wanganui rehab unit for him to try and learn to walk and use his right hand and arm again. That was followed by radiation and chemo at Palmerston North .At present he is doing ok, waiting for the next specialist appointment and scan.

In Late November 2014 my dear old Mum decided she was going to move into the local rest home and sell here house, so that has taken up a lot of my time getting all that organised. Two weeks ago she had a Hernia operation done privately that she had been waiting for over three years for in the public system. It got to the point it was making her life miserable and at 89 years you don’t need misery.

So going forward from here with Carries computer skills we plan to develop this web site further, and have some fun doing some really interesting things, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

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