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Whanganui above Piriaka

Waituhi Saddle Podocarp forest

Trolling Rotoaira with Robert

The start of Jaz’s career.5 mounths old

Sika stag shot by local hunter, scored 190+

Red hind feeding 100m from hut

Pig rooting leading to good Boar

Our mate Lonny spinning the Whanganui

Lee and his boar

Mokau kawahai fishing

Layton surf casting Tairua

Layton nymphing the Whanganui

Large Fallow Pad

Layton and Jaz with good king country head

King country looking west

King Country looking south east.

King country Fallow country

Ken with Whanganui Rainbow.

Ken with Northland Snapper

Kayak fishing the Kuratau lake.

Kawhia trip

Kawhia trip double trouble

Kaweka sika country

Kaimanawa Campsite

Jaz resting after good stalk

Jaz and Lace ready to hunt

Grant and Ken with Tairua dinner

Good kingi off the dove

Gill with northland snapper

First fishing trip for 2 grandsons

Fallow roar pads

Fallow Country

Fallow clearing

Carrie’s 1st Fallow Stag 2012

Carrie doing on the Job training

Caleb with first Goat.NZDA hunt

Bruce with 6.5 Creedmore Target rifle

Blaze orange does work

Blair nymphing fast water at Mohoe

3 sika stags Clements Rd

2 King Country Fallow with Jaz